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Hexspot - an addictive, fast paced game from Innovate Enterprises.


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an addictively faced paced mobile application game






First in the line-up of intellectually fun mobile applications from Innovate Enterprises is Hexspot. This addictive, fast paced game that challenges players with a fun complexity of ever changing randomized boards.


No game will ever be the same twice!


Players must try to hold spots on the board to secure points, but should those spots be neutralized by the opponent, they will find themselves absent those points they earned. Controlling a spot is dependent on securing more sides connected to the spot than your opponent.


Features with FREE version of Hexspot:

  1. Achievements linked to Apple Game Center
  2. Single Player Modes (Easy, Medium, Hard, and Expert)
  3. Local Multi-Player mode (Play against a friend on the same device)
  4. Multi-User Accounts (Create multiple users to keep statistics separate on the same device)
  5. Statistics (Keep track of how well you play)
  6. Leader board (See how well you do against the community)
  7. Options:
    1. Spot Influence (Cascade effect when turning a spot to your color will effect any other spots it touches.)
    2. Verify Move (A double tap option to keep from accidental moves when playing Multi-Player.)
    3. Who Moves First (Red Always Starts, Blue Always Starts, Random)

Paid Version Features:

  1. Network Multi-Player (Play against friends over LAN, Cellular Network)
  2. No Ads



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